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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday (that felt like Monday)

Eeks, I have so much work to do! No wonder they wanted someone to come over here for just six weeks...they have completely under-resourced with communications. I stayed at work until 7 and really need to keep working now, as I am two days behind on a deliverable.

So, no news to report, other than I have lots of lunch plans this week. (Just in the company cafeteria.) Yesterday, I ate with a really cute girl named Marta, who is 1/2 Italian and 1/2 Spanish. I met her at the happy hour last Thursday. Today I had lunch with a guy who just moved over with his wife; he is a friend of my friend Chris in Charlotte. We had fun comparing notes and agreed that London must be the Porsche capital of the world. It appears to be the must-have status symbol for all of the investment banker-types.

Tonight, I really amused myself with smart use of existing resources for dinner, which consisted of penne pasta and a rich sauce of roquefort, heavy cream and lemon juice. I sprinkled it with walnuts. Delish!

I have also taken to wearing my iPod on the walk to work...I always thought people who walked around like that in Charlotte looked a little anti-social, but it's a nice way to spend the 15-minute walk, and I just fit right in with the crowds. However, it did make me wonder if our white earbuds would one day look really retro...I have this vision of people walking around Tokyo with Walkmans in the 80s!

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