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Friday, April 12, 2013

Two Gals & a Truck

My top 5 driving achievements to date:
1. Driving a stick shift in Madrid at night in 1997
2. Getting 15 teenagers to and from Gatlinburg, Tennessee, in a church bus in 2006
3. Navigating South Africa's wine country in a VW van on the left side of the road in 2007
4. Driving a Uhaul to NYC with Katie in 2013!!!!!

I couldn't believe it when my sweet friend Katie offered to help me move my stuff to NYC from Charlotte! Since she moved last year herself, she was sensitive to what a relief it is to have some support.

Leigh Ann of course would have helped, but she's had a wicked travel schedule of late. So, her contributions have included managing the carpet cleaning and other chores to ready my condo for its new residents in May.

Katie and I flew to Charlotte on Thursday and spent the afternoon packing up my art, kitchen supplies and some small furniture. On Friday, a handsome, hardworking crew from Gentle Giant loaded my Uhaul and dropped off a big batch of donations at Crisis Assistance Ministries. After living without my things for two years, it was pretty easy to cull through and give away more than half my stuff. How many serving bowls and casserole dishes does one girl need?!?

However, in yet another sign I picked the perfect place for myself, my kitchen has ample storage, so I brought my ice cream maker, food processor, Kitchen Aid mixer, and Mom's Waterford crystal. I am jazzed to use them all!

Katie and I hit the road on Saturday and spent the night in Alexandria with Hilary and Jeff, who have a fantastic new home. Katie parallel parked the truck like a pro! I was up with the birds on Sunday morning but let Katie sleep until 6. We were on the road by 6:45 and through the Lincoln Tunnel by 11.

Adam and Travis met us on my street, where the lack of parking led us to make a split-second decision to unload the Uhaul in a bus lane. I think we did it in five minutes flat! Adam and Travis then started carrying everything across the street and Into my building. I got in trouble with the super, who'd told me Sunday moves are forbidden, but I made a calculated choice that forgiveness would be easier to get than permission. He was peeved, but we (ahem, Adam and Travis...I just watched the stuff in the sidewalk) were done in under 45 minutes.

What a relief!!! I could have cried. I'd stressed about that move for a month and juggled a ton of moving pieces. And then to have it all come together so perfectly on a sunny day...hallelujah!!!

My helpers were thirsty, but I had no drinking vessels other than a coffee mug and my toasting flutes!
Katie dropped off the truck, promising that Travis and I would return the blankets and dolly. Travis wheeled it down 9th Avenue for me, and we laughed the whole way! 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Harlem Pizza Party

I've been so lucky to meet some fabulous new gal pals of late! Friday night, a group of us got together at Marianne's brownstone in Harlem to make pizza.

It was such a treat...her place is amazing! It's been fully renovated and is a great mix of the old fixtures and modern upgrades. She even owns a Manhattan unicorn: her very own washer and dryer!

We made three pizzas: tomato, mushroom and mozzarella; sausage with caramelized onions and peppers; and sweet potato with rosemary and ricotta. So good!!

I'm already looking forward to our next trip, when we get to make use of her terrace...