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Sunday, March 24, 2013

New Digs!

It's not often you can say you surprised yourself...but I've done just that in the past month: I rather suddenly decided to get my own place!

With my two-year anniversary of moving to NYC looming, my renter in Charlotte let me know she'd be moving out at the end of March. Since I rented my place fully furnished two years ago, I needed to deal with the stuff I left behind when I moved. I gradually got excited about the idea of having my own nest in the city, surrounded by my own things. So, I'll be moving some of my things here from Charlotte in April and donating the rest.

Apartment hunting in NYC is a tough job, but I managed to find what I think is the perfect fit for me: an alcove studio in Hell's Kitchen. It's an easy commute to work, and it's in a new building with doormen, a roof deck, gym, and other amenities. There are lots of great bars and restaurants nearby. And, after two years in a fifth-floor walk-up, I have an elevator!! (To be honest, that was kind of low on my priority list, as the stairs were a great cardio boost.)

Anyway, here's a look... The first pics were snapped when I viewed the unit and it was still being cleaned from the prior tenant. I fell in love with the amount of natural light!

As you can tell, the kitchen is fully renovated/upgraded, which was a huge plus. At first, I thought it was more space than I wanted, but I gradually adjusted to the idea of it, because it's a studio that feels a little more like a one-bedroom. This will be great because I can have people over for dinner, etc. (Not to mention rooftop cocktails!).

Funny enough, my friend Eric is now moving in with his boyfriend Matt. The timing was great for both of us. I got his bed, bookshelf, sofa and TV. The sofa and TV are just on loan for now, but it kept me from investing in a sofa, and it kept him from having to store the items in case he wants them back. Win, win!

I hired movers to transport Eric's stuff from Queens on Thursday, so here's a peek at what it looked like once his things arrived...

Here's a look at the's actually much quieter than you'd expect for something so close to the bustle of Times Square.
On Saturday morning, I moved my clothes from Kurt's. It took me about three trips. I'm proud to say I treated myself to taxis! Can you imagine schlepping this on the subway?! Ugh. My sweet friend Kathleen helped me with the last haul.
More friend Gavin works at Macy's and helped me get a fabulous deal on a comforter and duvet cover. I've supplemented those with a few other full-price pieces, which I picked out after poking around the store displays yesterday afternoon... My bedding pick (for now) is to mix the palmetto green pieces with the beige quilted coverlet. I have a really jazzy piece of art that I think will pop over the bed, with those colors as a neutral background.

I'll basically be urban camping for two weeks until I get the rest of my stuff from Charlotte, but it feels like a great adventure! I'm so lucky to have had a terrific roommate for two years and know I will miss Kurt's company (and cooking!)...especially when Downton Abbey and Homeland come back on. But it's exciting to feel like I'm starting a new chapter on my own. Stay tuned for more pics!