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Friday, August 24, 2012

VW + Tacos = Tacombi

(Photo from New York Times)
I went to the coolest place for dinner last night! Thanks to my friend Christine for turning me on to
Tacombi at Fonda Nolita. As the New York Times wrote, it "doesn’t feel like a restaurant as much as an art installation, a gallery with a taqueria set up in the middle of a concrete garage just off Houston Street.

"The experience is supposed to evoke beachside eating in the Yúcatan — until recently, the van was parked in Playa del Carmen, a balmy resort town south of Cancún — and it’s more evocative than gimmicky. Lights are strung up as if you’re sitting outside, and potted plants give some tropical greenery to the former garage. But scan the footwear in the room, and there’s no doubt that you’re in one of New York’s more fashionable neighborhoods."

My friend Lila met me there. She's an artist and writer and fellow Charlotte transplant. I had three tacos: roasted pork, barbecued beef and crispy fish. Lila had a veggie taco and a cup of savory, cheesy roasted corn.  It was crowded, but we managed to get seats at the bar.

(Photos from Yelp)
These photos don't really show you what it looks like packed with people, but I wanted to give you a flavor for the atmosphere, which was as cool as the food...

They also serve breakfast tacos, and they have an assortment of fun beverages, from sangria to agua fresca. I will be back!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another walking weekend!

Saturday: walked from my place along Battery Park and across Brooklyn Bridge. About 9 I was eating a caprese sandwich to refuel, Adam texted to see if I wanted to join him for the Botanical Gardens. We killed 45 minutes at the Oyster Bar until our train left.

The gardens were great! We got in free since my company is a corporate sponsor. There is a special Monet exhibit this summer. I took a picture on the bride for my mom, who has taken several of her school groups to the real gardens at Giverny.

Today I met my new friend Katie in Columbus Circle at 9, and we walked in Central Park for almost 3 hours. We had a great mezze spread at an Israeli Druze restaurant I'd scouted out on Columbus Avenue. I needed an hour of napping to recover from the walk...and pitcher of sangria!