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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How's the weather?

The week started off with a 12-minute walk to work in the rain. I was literally watching the puddles on the side of the road the whole way, as I just knew I was going to get drenched by a passing bus! It was a good thing Leigh Ann called to request a Monday morning cab on Sunday night because in addition to the rain, it was pretty chilly.

I must say, though, it did seem notable that I was able to exist in London for three solid weeks before I had to pull out an umbrella. Clearly I am bringing this city some good luck in the weather department.

This morning, it was bright and shiny, and I took a minute to just enjoy the view of the sun sparkling on the Thames before I left.

Oh, my, the news just seems to have slowed down a bit doesn't it? We need to spice up this blog with some new characters! Well, I can report that I am having dinner with Adam (see posts from when Christy-Anne was here) on Saturday evening, so there will at least be some weekend socialization. A very nice Australian girl named Beth invited me to join her and some friends for dinner this evening, but I was looking forward to a quiet night at home. I'd discovered a new line of pasta at my store -- goat cheese and red pepper ravioli with a balsamic reduction.

I am becoming addicted to this pear yogurt that comes with hazelnuts...I like to mix in fresh pomegranate seeds, which you can buy in a little prepared package from the produce section.

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