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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Field Trips!

Today my colleague Amanda and I took a day trip to the bank's office in Bromley, which is about 40/50 minutes from Canary Wharf. We really amused ourselves (and the boss!) by hitching a ride in the mail van. We'd giggled about whether we'd have to hold packages on our laps, but it was actually just a regular ride. It was really helpful to get out of London and see the perspective of some of the associates who work in a more suburban environment. (Sharon Hawkins says hello, Mona!) I feel like this job is a great opportunity to use some of what I learned in my prior role about how certain parts of the bank work, while also getting a much broader perspective about communications overall.

Tomorrow we actually have another field trip to meet with a marketing agency, and it's in a really nice part of town that I haven't been to yet. So, I'm pretty excited about that.

Last night, Christy-Anne and I had what I thought was a fabulous dinner at a place called Plateau:

I had a goat cheese potato terrine to start; it came with a small green salad. It was super goat cheesy and really just quite delish. My entree was a grilled pork chop, which was perfectly thick and flavorful and seemed like it came out really fresh off the grill and just piping hot. It was served on a bed of orzo with spinach, some kind of nuts and green know when you have something you just remember fondly for several days? This was one of those.

Oh, I am trying to get the act together for Leigh Ann's visit this weekend and am hoping we'll get to try Patisserie Valerie for tea (, should be WAY cheaper than the $70 Savoy experience). We have a reservation to eat at Gordon Ramsay's new gastropub on Sunday evening:

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Don't forget our tickets to Buckingham Palace!!