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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Evening Entertainment

Well, I was starting to feel that things were getting a bit samey, so I decided to spice it up last night. Instead of heading into my building when I walked home around 7:30, I crossed the driveway and went into the new Radisson Hotel that's opened right beside me. I'd checked it out online and noted that the rooms are £300 a night, so I figured it would pull in a pretty upscale business crowd, and I had on a good outfit!

A cute waiter with some kind of rather thick but charming Eastern European accent set me up on one of the sofas, in a seating area right beside the area where an apparently single guy in business attire, who was typing furiously on his laptop. "Oh, goodie," I thought. "I don't see a ring, and he is definitely the cutest guy in here. And he must be here on business and working on some kind of project. This seems promising!"

I figured even if I didn't talk to anyone, it was a very swanky, upscale atmosphere...just a better way to pass the time than my usual routine of watching Friends in my flat!

So, per the waiter's suggestion, I ordered a steak sandwich. Neighbor boy didn't seem to have noticed my existence. Oh, well, the sandwich was pretty tasty...until I got to a big ol' chunk of fat and gristle that just wouldn't give. Attempting to saw through it with my teeth, I looked around to see if anyone was watching this unsavory spectacle, and of course I noticed neighbor boy had finally decided to glance over me...right about the time some of the fat and onions started to drip out on my lap and a big hunk of meat finally gave way.

I later noticed that the important work he was doing on his laptop appeared to be some kind of online soccer game.

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Neil said...

life is just providing you with more details for the memoir. or the blog. :)