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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sisterly Sunday

This morning we slept in and headed out to St. Paul’s around 10. On the way, I made Leigh Ann take a picture of me with Canary Wharf and the Bank of America building in the background…(that would be the small one beside the enormous HSBC tower).

We decided to go with feeding our stomachs vs. feeding our souls, so we didn’t make it to service but did make it to brunch at my favorite bakery, Pauls. She had a cheese tart, and I had a chicken and pepper sandwich, and of course we shared. For dessert, I had a strawberry cream pastry, and she had a pain chocolate with almonds.

After that, we walked across the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern (a bit of repetition from last weekend, but these are the best things to do on a nice day, in my opinion!).
We split up and toured the permanent exhibits, then headed to the Tower of London via the south bank of the Thames River. I must say I feel I have brought excellent weather with me to London. I have yet to experience a “museum day” (i.e., crummy weather) on a weekend, so I am not sure when I am going to experience the galleries I’ve missed so far.

After a thorough photo op with Tower Bridge, we rested our feet for a while and did the Tower of London. I realized I could cash in my ticket from last week and get a year’s membership to 5 palaces (including Kensington…too bad I didn’t have this yesterday!) for just a little bit more than another Tower ticket.

After that, we decided to call it a day and head for an early dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s new gastropub in the Limehouse area. It’s called The Narrow…we’d tried to get a reservation earlier in the week, but this had turned into quite an ordeal. So, we just got there around 5:30 and hoped we’d have luck. Indeed we did, when we promised to be gone by 7. It’s actually pretty much a traditional pub, albeit much cleaner and airier…Gordon Ramsay is apparently trying to remake a lot of the classic British dishes into something more palatable. For a starter, I had sardines and tomatoes on toast (yum! The sardines were especially tasty), and Leigh Ann had a salad with artichokes and mushrooms. She had the Sunday roast, which is a very quintessentially Sunday thing to eat (with Yorkshire pudding and potatoes), and I had a fantastic pan-seared halibut with chive mashed potatoes (just “mash” for the natives), peas and tiny shrimp. For dessert, I had the lemon posset with cherries, which turned out to be kind of a lemon curd over cherry gelatin, and she had an apple gooseberry crisp with ice cream. It was pretty tart but had a fantastically crunchy top.

And there went the weekend!

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