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Monday, September 3, 2007

New Job (And a Merry Un-Birthday to Me!)

Well, I am finishing up my first day of work, and it’s been a really good day! (That is, as far as work goes, where as my sister puts it, “They have to pay you to show up.”) It was fun to meet the people on my team here, and I look forward to the opportunities of the next few weeks. One of the things I’ve done well in the past is to rewrite senseless corporate blather into simple, concise prose…so, one big challenge for me will be to determine what is culturally different here (since the British do have a slightly more formal way of communicating) and what is ripe for rewriting.

I can report that I believe the cheapest food in London is to be found at our corporate cafeteria! I think my inexpensive soup for lunch made up for the $30 bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola I had for breakfast at the hotel this morning. Honestly.

I decided it was preferable to have an “incognito birthday,” since it seemed a little awkward to be like, “Hi! Nice to meet you! It’s my birthday!!” So, as a treat, I have scoped out a Spanish tapas restaurant by the hotel for dinner. Then, I need to hustle home by 9 p.m. so I can get a good seat in front of my television for "My Penis and Everyone Else’s” on BBC3. (No, this is NOT porn…it’s a follow-up to the previous hit documentary “My Penis and I.”) Toodles!

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