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Thursday, September 6, 2007

Strike One

I can't believe I forgot to mention earlier in the week that there has been a strike going on since Monday evening. Fortunately, I can walk to work, but others in the office were busy making plans to get around the strike by taking alternate trains, leaving earlier, etc. The entire Underground was not shut down, just certain lines, and the one here at Canary Wharf remained open.

I'm trying to very actively work at making friends and reaching out for people to have lunch with, etc., but that in itself could be a full-time job! I have connected with a few people whose names were given to me before coming over, and I had lunch today with a very friendly Italian guy who works in treasury services. He even invited me to go out for drinks with a group this evening! So, I know you will be pleased to hear I am making social progress. It also turned out that someone I'm working with went to Vanderbilt with my cousin Mary Beth and was even in the same sorority!

Last night I finished unpacking my bags...I'd had to buy some more hangers in order to get everything out of the suitcases. This morning, I discovered that my very modern and sleek-looking bathroom has a shower that floods the floor! Guess form won out over function...

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