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Monday, January 6, 2014

Too, too cute!!!

Dear Mom, 

Hilary and Jeff posted the cutest picture of Molly! 
Here's what Jeff wrote: "Up to her neck in books...her mother's daughter for sure."

I remember once when Hilary, Meghan and I arrived at the Puskars' condo at Hidden Dunes and all walked straight to the bookshelf! We picked out our beach reads and talked about what "Mr. Ross" had chosen for his latest summer reading theme. I knew I'd found lifelong friends!

(Also...for our reading friends...notice that two of those books are "The Post-Birthday World" and "What Alice Forgot," which all Smith ladies enjoyed on our shared Kindle account! "Birthday" is by Lionel Shriver, who also wrote "We Need to Talk About Kevin." Not for the faint of heart (especially among the mother set), but a pretty awesome read!)

I am looking forward to a trip to D.C. very soon to (finally) meet Molly in person and give her the "treat" I saved her, which I think everyone will find amusing.

Becca had this one of Tallulah wearing her church bonnet: 
Remember those bonnets we had in the dress-up bin?!

Today everybody is excited about the big bowl game in Pasadena. Naturally I seriously doubt I will stay up that late (my friend Leora and I are going to have supper tonight). But it's fun seeing all of the clever pictures. However, I do believe the one "Luce" posted of Lucy takes the cake!
Couldn't you just eat her up? 

I hope Luce sees this and gets us a photo of Lucy playing in her new dresses ASAP! She "inherited" both the dress I wore in Amanda's wedding and the one from Ranie's, since Benjamin and William certainly wouldn't have wanted it, other than maybe to make a flag for their new tree house. 

Oh -- you missed seeing that Santa delivery, didn't you? I'll have to tell you about that next time. Hopefully Clarice will share some more pics soon. 



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Amanda said...

Dress pics coming soon! Judge and Bren just delivered them to Greenville for me. I did offer to keep Ranie's safe and return it to her if she decides to go for #3....