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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

Dear Mom,

My friend McLeod from freshman dorm was in town tonight! He and Travis came over for supper, and I made my favorite Nigella recipe, pork chops with cider mustard sauce and gnocchi.

I put out a little cheese plate for the boys to nibble on while I cooked, with some of my new napkin stash from Patsy via Julia. Note the drunken fig preserves from Holle! (That's a cheddar with Guinness, which we didn't think you could really taste...Maytag blue with fig preserves and Carr's whole wheat crackers is one of my favorite flavor combinations.)

While I was cooking, Travis took a picture and sent it to our friend Ashley, as a sort of "Guess Who?"

I opened the holiday bottle of Veuve I'd been saving to enjoy with Travis and put your Waterford to good use. Nothing like crystal on a Monday! 
As you can tell, McLeod still looks great! He is still enjoying life in Charleston, though Travis and I gave him a good ol' NYC sales pitch should he ever decide to shake things up.

Naturally we had to pull out the freshman pic book (sorry, Nate!). McLeod amused himself looking for anachronistic hobbies (we all had to submit two interests...mine were People & Travel. Imagine that!). The best ones he found were Aerobics & Newspaper. But then we found a girl whose hobbies were Cheerleading & Cattle. That may have taken the cake over the previous winner, Candlelight Dinners & Street Fighting.

We noticed an adorable guy from Maryland and wondered what ever happened to him...and why our favorite Jeopardy champion didn't put Trivia down as one of his interests!
Oh, and then we watched Duke just barely beat Virginia! 

Not bad for a Monday night, huh? 




Unknown said...

Keep looking through the interests. Someone put "mind games and blowing bubbles."

Unknown said...

That was me, Patrick, btw.

Unknown said...

Who posted. Not the questionable activities. I will never win the internets if I keep posting anonymously.