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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gosh, Y'all Were Young!

Dear Mom,

You would be so happy at the way many "mamas" are keeping in touch with us even more these days. I need to call Aunt Debbie back and tell her thanks again for shipping me your dishes. And Miss Juliane is sending me your Dean Gioia canopy road painting, which I'm so excited to hang.

One of my "texting buddies" is Debbie Edgil. (The other funny texter is Miss Frances, who texts on her flip phone and admitted, "Suzanne and Rock probably drove from North Carolina to Georgia in the time it took me to text a few of our classmates and tell them about the gathering after your mom's service!")

Anyway, Debbie was in her photo archives the other day, as she and Kerry celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary on Monday the 13th. Can you believe it? That was 1990, a big year for us, as we moved to Highland Avenue that August. Jane & Craig hosted the reception at their "new" house.
Lamar -- always a cutie!! 
Pretty sure Ranie, Mary and Carolyn are all wearing fashions by Etc.!
These ladies look stunning!!!

Mr. Kerry is such a doll. I had a great time visiting with them in their kitchen at Christmas, when I picked up some cookies. They told me the story about how they reconnected after "all those years." It was neat.
It was bittersweet to see Cheyenne's photo pop up with James and JT.
Given the fact that y'all were basically the age Leigh Ann and I are now (Debbie said she and Jane were 39 going on 40), it just makes me realize how YOUNG and FUN you were! I'm sorry you didn't get to fall in love again after your divorce like Debbie did.

As I've entertained friends for supper this week, I've been laughing about the fact that I am closer to 40 than 30, but I still found myself stashing stuff in my bathtub so it would be out of sight from my visitors! (And then I left my beige brassiere dangling from the closet door in front of Travis and McLeod. Oopsie!) It makes me sort of awed at how young you were when you were throwing big dinner parties out in the country. 

Anyway, back on the "your parents had more fun than you realized" note. Adrianne posted something on Facebook recently about the fact one of her favorite "CSS lessons" was that there's always a cute boy in a red Jeep. I told her I knew you would love that! Remember the time you taught us how to "tail" a guy in the big ol' station wagon?! 

I remember once when some gal pal and I were trying to explain something we'd done on Spring Break that we thought was just so crazy and there was no way an old fart like you would understand. You said, "You girls don't have anything on me. I know what Purple Jesus is. I've mixed punch in a bathtub!" HA! 

Love you, Mom, and I miss laughing with you. 



P.S. Debbie got such a kick out of the Facebook comments I texted her, she sent one more! The beauty of the updates in real time... Wish you were here for this one.

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Dee Stephens said...

Gotta love the 90's hair and fashion.
Punch in a bathtub=awesome!