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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Do You Know the Mattress Man?

Dear Mom,

You may remember last spring when I was moving into my apartment, my friend Eric was moving in with his boyfriend. So, I got his mattress and bed -- and assorted other goodies -- from his apartment in Queens. 

Around that time, Katie needed a new mattress, so she and I spent a Saturday afternoon testing them out. She fell in love with one at Keetsa, a company Gavin recommended we check out. They have a store in SoHo. We figured it would be more expensive, but they were actually pretty reasonable! 
Eric's bed served me well for almost a year, but I decided to upgrade and treat myself to a queen. I mean, what if I have a girlfriend who comes to visit?! Doubles are for short people! 

I'll admit this is a classic example of spending money unnecessarily. But I do not care! I wanted it, and I got it. As you used to say all of the time, "People find the money to spend on whatever they want to spend it on." I think it's so funny how we all do this in ways that drive others nuts. For example, you spent a bunch of money getting Billy Lewis to seal up that window by my bed in your house...which you thought was just the greatest thing ever, and Leigh Ann and I both thought was a total waste! 

Anyway -- back to the reason I thought this deserved its own post -- the Mattress Man. 

One of our favorite stories from last fall was the day I "charmed" the Mattress Man from the medical supply company. Bless your heart. You'd just had'd been a trooper about having to get rid of your beloved iron bed and having to start sleeping in the hospital bed. But they'd sent you some shitty mattress, and you were so uncomfortable. You let that poor delivery guy have it when he showed up with the replacement! I slipped outside and started to sweet talk him. 

Once I'd warmed him up, we found out his brother-in-law had saved Miss Densyl from the purse snatcher in London! He was practically our new best friend! When he left to call his dispatcher and arrange the upgrade, Cookie saw her chance. A single man in the last!  

"Lynsley," Cookie whispered. "I think he might like you..."

"Cookie!" you hissed. "Lynsley did not go to Duke to marry any Mattress Man!" 

We told that stories a few times over the past year...and we told it to Big George the night you died. Everybody laughed as usual at the punchline...and then Big George paused. 

" you don't mind my asking...who DID you go to Duke to marry? I mean...what are we waiting for, girls?" 

Touche, Big George. Touche! You would have LOVED it. 

Anyway, back to Manhattan. After lunch with Rob on Saturday, I headed down to Keetsa, where the Mattress Man remembered me (and Katie) fondly! He hooked me up with the mattress she'd purchased (and loves) and arranged for a Sunday delivery. 

On Sunday evening, the Mattress Man arrived. He was from Malawi in east Africa -- funny enough, Katie studied abroad there! 

"Why are you getting rid of this bed? It's a nice bed!" he said. I agreed and told him I just wanted a queen. 

"It's a great bed!" I said. "Maybe you have a friend who could use it?" I was praying he'd take the frame so I wouldn't have to carry away and donate it somewhere. (Honestly, I might have just put it out on the curb and prayed it would find a nice home...)

"Sure! I'll take it!" he agreed. Once he had the mattress all set up on the floor for me, I asked if he'd like to take the dishes I'd boxed up for donation. One gal's junk! He was delighted. I tipped him and helped him carry it all downstairs. Then I slept on the mattress on the floor for two nights. Monday morning, I finally ordered the frame and headboard I'd been sussing out on Amazon. 

Boom -- the frame arrived on Tuesday! Not bad! I assembled it after I got back from my snowy run to the grocery store. 
I'd like to note I do at times wish I had a man around the house...but in addition to setting up my bed, I've also "repaired" a lamp this week. So, I'm feeling pretty accomplished and self-sufficient! 

Here's a look at the final was great that I had Cyrus coming down for dinner, as it made me finish getting everything back into position. One thing that's going to be great about this new setup is being able to store stuff under the bed. 
By the way...the cardboard box beside the bed is your Dean Goia painting, which also arrived on Tuesday, courtesy of Juliane. I'll be hanging that once the headboard arrives.

More photos to come!



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