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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Casa Mono

Dear Mom,

You never met my friend (and ex-boyfriend) Rob, but you would have liked him. We didn't speak for a while after we "parted ways," but we've dusted off our friendship. I'm glad! We had a lovely lunch yesterday, which reminded me how much fun he is.

And...lest any readers get high hopes he's about to become a regular character in my life again, we talked a lot about his new girlfriend Molly. Things seem to be going quite well with them! They even went to Rio and Buzios together. Too bad we weren't talking back then...I could have given him some travel tips.

Anyway, we went back to Casa Mono, which was the site of one of our early brunches together. That place rocks! The first order of business was picking out a wine...and since it's Spanish, they had a couple of choices from the Basque region...

This was a cider-like wine... at first it was a bit sour, but it really grew on me.

First up: sardines, scallops and burrata. The scallops were pretty fantastic...the parsley really made them pop, and there was some kind of yummy puree under them. (You can tell I was flapping my gums so much I wasn't really taking my usual copious menu notes.) But HOLY COW -- the burrata was AMAZING!

For the main course, we switched to red wine and had some ox tail and lamb. Both were outstanding! Rob wanted the lamb, and I wanted the ox tail. Ordering rabo de toro (bull's tail) when I studied in Madrid is one of my first memories of adventurous eating.

So much fun! Rob is a sweetheart, and we had a great conversation about career transitions and mid-life evolutions. I'm really glad that I tend to stay friends with people I've dated -- you tended to do that too. I think I already told you I made a point of emailing your college boyfriend Jay in December to make sure he knew what had happened.

I managed to run a few errands downtown after Rob and I said goodbye. It's always a good idea to go mattress-shopping when you're a little buzzed, no? More on that one to come!



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