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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saxon + Parole

My hometown buddy Angus and his lovely wife Sallie were in NYC this weekend. Rob and I met them for dinner last night at Saxon + Parole on Bowery. Two of Sallie's college friends joined as well. Great company, and such a good meal!

Portobello mushroom mousse, PAROLE whiskey jelly 

Honestly, these scallops of Rob's may have been my favorite dish, and I only got one bite. I should have gone with my intial urge to order them, but I switched once he got them. Big mistake!
Grilled scallops, roasted cauliflower puree, golden raisin relish, pistachios

Steamed asparagus, poached egg, crispy pancetta, truffle-yuzu hollandaise

Foie gras, kumquat & mustard relish, toasted brioche

Roasted butternut squash barley risotto, Tuscan kale, toasted sunflower seeds

Seared salmon, sweet potato puree, grilled scallion, caper-raisin emulsion

Hanger steak with bone marrow and a side of cauliflower and gruyere gratin

Roasted Chatham cod, kohlrabi, salsify, lobster sauce

popcorn trifle
chiffon cake, vanilla pandan custard, malt vinegar gelee

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