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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Burger Challenge

Rob and his friend Kyle mentioned on Memorial Day they wanted to do a "burger challenge." I chuckled to myself, knowing they wouldn't have anywhere near the organization and staminia to do a TRUE food challenge!

For that, you need a super-leader like my friend Anne. During the summer of 2005, she organized a BBQ challenge for us in Charlotte. It was serious...we had an official spreadsheet, and we visited various BBQ establishments to rate them in a number of categories, from the quality of their sides to the sweetness of their tea. (Yes, of course we evaluated the main event, the meat, but we were very thorough!)

Anyway, I haven't heard another peep from the boys about their challenge, but here are a few of my favorite burgers of late. This was Pop Burger near Union Square. I think this was called the Superman Burger? It had fried pickles. Good stuff!! The tots were OK, but I wouldn't waste my calories on those again.
Last Saturday, I got a burger at BLT on Sixth Avenue. It was one of those perfect burger days...I'd worked out hard that morning, showered and dressed, so I was good and famished by the time I sat down for this. I got blue cheese on it. Heaven!!

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