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Monday, September 26, 2011

Brunch at Morandi

Before I even moved to New York, when I told my friend Robin where I'd be living, she insisted we'd have to meet for brunch at Morandi. The website calls it a rustic Italian trattoria from restaurateur Keith McNally, who owns both Pastis and Balthazar.

It's very close to my apartment, and it always looked so appealing whenever I passed by on Seventh Avenue. I can't believe it took me this long to try it out! Here are a few photos I found online to capture the ambiance...

Robin suggested we start with the ricotta, honey and nut bruschetta. Good call! This may have been my favorite part. You could easily recreate this yourself, if you had really good bread. Toasting the nuts is essential...I think it was a medley of pistachios, hazelnuts and pine nuts.
Travis had the Asparagi milanese con prosciutto cotto, two sunny side eggs over grilled asparagus &ham.
I had the Uova in camicia, two poached eggs over sunchokes, peas & fava beans. I loved the pickled onions, which added a crisp, savory note -- and a fun pop of color. Good thing I ordered something bread-free, since I ate so much of the bruschetta.
Robin had the Insalata di farro, spelt salad with tomatoes, cucumbers & spring herbs.
After lunch, we walked to Robin and her husband AJ's home in Tribeca so Travis and I could meet their adorable dog Pickles.
Travis and I had enough time to stop by Bed, Bath and Beyond in Tribeca...but we couldn't find what I wanted, so we ended up taking a long walk north along Greenwich Street. We worked up a bit of a sweat, and a refreshing treat was in order. Eureka! There it was! Dolce Vizio Tiramisu on Hudson Street, which just opened in August.

Funny enough, I'd just seen a segment about this place on the news in a taxi, and I'd made a mental note to find it.

It's similar to a gelato bar, but with tiramisu instead. They offer premade flavored tiramisus or a "make your own" tiramisu -- you pick your own sauce and toppings. (I usually go with the prefab options at any "build your own" places -- too many options overwhelm me, I can't say no, feel stressed to concoct something unusual and then I end up with some random glop. Example: the time I was at a "burger bar" and ordered myself a turkey burger with pineapple and craisins. It's like the grown-up version of making yourself a "suicide" mix at a soda fountain. However, Dolce Vizio wisely limits one's options: you select a sauce and then choose two toppings, so I may try that next time.)

Anyway, I ordered the orange espresso and Travis got the limoncello. He is such a good friend, he traded with me because I liked his better. They were both excellent, but the limoncello suited my craving for something really refreshing.

Such a fun afternoon treat! A perfect Sunday -- I will be back to both spots.


Dee Stephens said...

That bruschetta looks awesome! and, Pickles? Adorable!!

Mandy said...

"an adult version of a suicide" Lynsley, that is an amazing description! It may well be my favorite line from the whole blog.

Kandy said...

Have I told you lately how I LOVE your blog.