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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Move Over, Martha!

Note to self: December is busy enough without doing the projects you could do any time. Remember this next year. Nevertheless, there will be more visitors than usual in the condo this month, and I've been long overdue for a bedroom revamp.

My black and white toile (and gingham!) with red accents was cute, but after six years it's worn out its welcome. My sister has a habit of buying bedroom linens, so she offered me some of her castoffs. Problem was, I had a fabric-covered dressing table that matched the toile and gingham look.
When Leigh Ann and I sourced fabric last weekend, I was a little overwhelmed by the cost and options. Plus I was loath to crank back up my 1960s sewing machine (a Mimi hand-me-down). But then I had a brilliant idea: I could use sheets! It would save me a lot of sewing since the edges would be finished on some sides.

I purchased a set of king sheets in a solid to match my new linens, bought some Stitch Witch at Michael's, borrowed my aunt's staple and glue guns, and away I went...
Because the toile was glued to the top, the design was still visible even after I ripped off the fabric. I had another idea: I could use a pillowcase on top, so it would have double thickness...that way the old design would not bleed through.
I used my measuring tape to mark a piece of sewing tape at 28 and 29 inches -- 28 inches is the drop of the table, and I added in another inch for the hem. Then I used the marked sewing tape and a felt-tipped pen to mark dots to indicate my cutting and fold lines.
After my measuring and cutting, I had three different sections of the flat sheet. I pressed each one and used my iron with the Stitch Witch to make the hem. Stitch Witch is basically iron-on fabric glue. You use a damp pressing cloth and press each section with the iron for 10 seconds. Flip it to the other side, press again, and let it cool.
The ironing and cutting was the most time-consuming part of the project. Once I had the fabric panels finished, stapling them onto the table went really quickly. 

I couldn't believe how good it looked! My estimation on the panels was a bit off, so I could have had a little more fabric (with more pleats) in the front, but I told myself to give it a one else will notice. I bought some trim at Hancock Fabrics (thank goodness Calico Corners is closed on Sundays -- I'm sure it would have cost me four times as much there). Then I hot glued the trim to cover the staples.

And...voila! I think it turned out perfectly!
Total cost: $35 for the sheets and $10 for the trim. (The trim I used was actually only $5, but I bought two choices because I forgot to take a pillowcase with me to match the color.) Throw in a few bucks to buy my aunt some more staples and glue sticks, and I'm still under $50. I'm feeling very clever!


Kate said...

This is quite impressive! Do you make house calls?

Mandy said...


You're downright crafty! I am very impressed, and I know Martha would be, too!