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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Would You Light My Candle?

During this season of joy and celebration, it's fun to make some festive holiday dishes. 

And I can't think of anything that says Christmas like this Holiday Candle Salad, can you?? 
It's almost like it's missing something, though. Maybe some chestnuts??

Seriously, my fifth grade teacher Miss Bunny told me about this holiday treat via Facebook over the summer, and I could not wait for it to come into season! (I should note the topic came up in a discussion thread about "pear salad," another dubious holder of a "salad" title. Why do we Southerners think having fruit, a lettuce leaf and mayonnaise makes something a salad?)
Anyway, Kurt invited some friends over for cassoulet the other night, so I decided it was just the night to debut my creation. Unfortunately, keeping the cherry on top of a slippery glob of mayonnaise is tricky.
Hence my slightly deranged expression, as I was worried the whole tray would deconstruct before Kurt snapped the photo.
The boys were great sports and actually ate this oddity...but we followed it up with a real salad of grapefruit and avocado. The cassoulet was fab! Kurt went all out to make it for a friend's birthday last Sunday, and we got to enjoy the leftovers.

Now, if you were admiring our mantle I'm sure you were...Kurt and I picked out some greenery at the Union Square market last Saturday.
We shopped around for a was a gorgeous day to be outside. 
We eventually decided to go with the delicate "princess" garland. The guy suggested we give it a little soak in the bathtub to help it last longer.

From candle-making to garland-soaking, what won't we do to get ready for Santa?

P.S. Do you think I should leave him a candle salad on Christmas Eve instead of some cookies?


Grayson said...

Love it! Glad mama posted that...I'll be sure to get her to make it for us!

Dee Stephens said...

Love that garland!! Where is the post on the party??