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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Keeping Kosher

"Are you up for going to the kosher restaurant with Iris when I'm in town for work next week?" emailed my sister. "They have great drinks!" 

"Are you kidding?" I responded. "Does the pope wear a funny hat? I'm in!" 

She wasn't lying about the drinks. Check out my super-sized fishbowl mojito. 
Granted, it was $15. But so are most cocktails in this town...much smaller ones, I'd note! Iris and Leigh Ann are colleagues, and Iris keeps kosher. She likes to eat at Abigael's on Broadway when she's in the city.
 For my starter, I ordered...what else? Kosher sushi!
 Leigh Ann went for the carnivore's delight...Iris had chimichurri steak. Yummy!

I had cashew-crusted sea bass. So good! There was a special event downstairs, so we enjoyed the parade of yamukkah-wearing gentlemen. I was tempted to ask for a kitchen tour but didn't want to embarrass Iris, since she'll likely be back there on her next trip.

The only downside was the cost: we spent about $85 a person. Kosher ain't cheap! Then again, someone might have had a second mojito...

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