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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mom's Last Day

We got a nice break from the heat at the end of Mom's visit. It was pleasant enough to take a nice long walk through Central Park. Belvedere Fountain is one of my favorite spots; a bride and groom were doing a photo shoot under the arches.
Mom really wanted to see the Bow Bridge, but I think the fact it was swarmed with middle school girls on a church retreat kind of ruined the effect.
Next we headed west. The High Line opened a new section last week, so I was curious to see the new addition myself. (I think I explained this the first time I went there, but it's an abandoned elevated railway converted into a unique urban park.)
They have various art installations and other attractions (popsicle stands!) along the way.
Now for my favorite part of the story: I wanted to get a picture of the two of us in an area I thought really showed off the full experience.
I asked a girl passing by to take a photo of both of us, but when I saw it, I didn't think she'd done a very good job. So, I took another one of Mom walking.

But I still wasn't satisfied, so I made Mom turn around.
"Oh, how funny," I thought. "Wonder why that random dude is amusing himself getting in my picture." 

Take a closer look. Recognize anyone? 
IT WAS KURT!!!! He was walking home from work and thought he too would check out the new attraction in our neighborhood.
We were beside ourselves. What fun! Kurt joined us for dinner at the taco trucks.
Mom's fish taco was probably the best -- really spicy, but an awesome blend of flavors and textures.
I ordered a sampler from Kimchi Taco: one each of chicken, pork, beef and tofu. I had never before had kimchi. Mom was turning up her nose at first, but she gave it a go and agreed it wasn't as spicy as she expected...the fish taco was actually hotter. And we're fans of the crunch you get from cole slaw, so I guess kimchi has a similar appeal.
Dessert was plantains...I know they look a little charred, but they were actually perfectly caramelized.
When we got back to the apartment, I made the boys some banana pudding as a welcome home treat.
Mom contributed some homemade pimento cheese...our way of saying "thanks, y'all" for letting us stay in their place.


Dee Stephens said...

I love pimento cheese. I'm a pimento cheese ho! Trying to stay off the stuff though.

Mandy said...

Nothing says "thanks, y'all" like banana pudding and pimento cheese!! I don't think I've ever tried your mom's, though. Hmmm... eight years in the lounge with her, and she never shared that??

Lyns said...

Mom likes to make a Paula Deen banana pudding w/ cream cheese and instant pudding. I like to make it with cooked custard (I posted the recipe in Nov). But I do use Lorna Doone cookies, which is a Paula addition.

Neil said...

That pictures with Kurt is HI-larious.

also, I'm a little embarrassed by how quickly I polished off the pimiento cheese and the banana pudding.