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Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Family Dinner" at The Park

On Wednesday evening, Mom and I took the subway from Rockefeller Plaza to the West Village so she could see my digs. We had a drink al fresco before we made the hike up all five flights of stairs to my home sweet home!

Kurt met us, and we headed to Chelsea Market. We wanted to try the Green Table, but it was booked. Nevertheless, Mom loved seeing the market itself. Kurt had a Plan B, which took us to The Park on 10th Avenue, a great choice. I didn't get any photos to capture the ambience, but if you're really curious, you can click on the restaurant link...they apparently do a lot of special events. It's almost like eating in a garden.
We ordered a selection of small plates for sharing: Giant Swiss chard raviolo with white beans and breadcrumbs.
Pizza with ricotta, roasted garlic and chives. (This was possibly my favorite.) In the backround is the acorn squash salad with pears, chestnuts and maple champagne vinaigrette.
Crispy calamari with chipotle aioli and marinara.
We also had a steamed artichoke with beurre blanc dipping sauce and Brussels sprouts with pancetta. It was a great meal, and we had a wonderful table with a view of the High Line and the sunset over the Hudson. Lovely!

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