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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Mom Takes Manhattan

I was so excited about our celebrity encounter yesterday, I skipped over Mom's first day in NYC. Nate and Neil are in Asia, so they are letting us stay in their spacious apartment. SO SWEET of them!

Mom arrived around 1 p.m., and I worked remotely in order to be able to get her settled. There's a great market on Lexington Avenue (Butterfield's), so we split a salad and veggie sandwich for lunch before I began my afternoon conference calls. Mom got out ato explore on her own, and she was especially excited to go inside the James B. Duke mansion. In the evening, we took a sunset stroll around the reservoir in Central Park.
Mom loved it, though she probably would have worn her tennis shoes if she'd known I was going to take her on such a trek.
Dinner was burgers and fries at Shake Shack. After having shakes there with N&N on Memorial Day, I wanted to return and see if the burgers are worth all the fuss -- and the lines. We arrived early, but it was still busy.

Mom ordered a single, and I got a double. (I knew the place was a bit old school, so I was worried we were in for one of those skimpy McDonald's patties.) The double was completely unnecessary, but oh. my. goodness.

I cannot believe I ate the whole thing! I thought to myself I should really discard one of the patties and not be such a glutton, but instead...
After a few minutes, the greasy wrapper was the only remaining evidence. Mind you, my mother was still eating her single, so that made my gobblefest even worse. (And the fries -- heavenly crinkled crunchiness.) I'm still thinking about how tasty it all was!

For the Quincy crowd, Mom and I agreed it was close to an old-fashioned Luten's hamburger. I'd been craving a burger for a while, so it was a much-anticipated indulgence...though I felt guilty enough to wake up on my own at 6 the next morning and head to the gym.

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Neil said...

wait - you can actually enter the Duke mansion?? i can't believe i've lived right by it all this time, walked by it a million times, and never thought to go in. must check this out!

also, i may have to go have a double burger at shake shack the minute i get back from china. we are having amazing food here, but that burger is just looking sooooo good.