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Monday, June 6, 2011

New "Friend" in the Neighborhood

Sunday's New York Times had a most interesting article in the real estate section. It noted that many celebrities who buy real estate in the city are using creative ruses to keep their transactions confidential.

Jennifer Aniston, for example, recently bought a home on 12th Street in the West Village. To keep it a secret, her business manager created a trust using her dog's name.
Excuse me, where? 12th Street? What block? Is Jennifer Aniston about to be my neighbor? Pretty sure I won't be running into her in the stairwell, but how close are we talking? Might she be the cause of the massive renovation that's going on next door?

It was a slow Monday at the office, so I did a little “detective work." With the information in the article, it took only a few minutes to determine she'll be living two blocks away from me.

As an added irony, the only celebrity sighting I've had so far (other than a chubby guy who typically plays sleazy lawyers and whose name escapes me) was Tate Donovan.
He was eating brunch at La Bonbonniere, right across from his ex-sweetie's future home!


Dee Stephens said...

How cool!! Maybe you guys can become 'friends' ;0 Couldn't resist.

KC Wms said...

Did you ever hear Tate Donovan on This American Life? If you have the podcasts, I'm pretty sure its in the Short List. He talks about being recognized as a celebrity...or not.