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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunset Picnic on the Hudson

Thank heavens! We finally have some spring weather in the city. I was sick on the last pleasant day two weeks ago, so when it was in the upper 70s (I think it might have hit 80) on Tuesday, I headed out for an evening stroll.
Side exercise note: I had actually already worked out that morning, thanks to the free pass Nate gave me for the fabulous gym Equinox, conveniently located on my corner -- and all over the city. I'm not going to admit how many times more expensive it is than the Charlotte Y, but I'm tempted to join. How can you beat a gym full of awesome exercise classes and souped-up amenities and right on your corner?
Anyway, the Hudson River Park was packed with joggers and walkers. At one point, I thought I saw Natalie Portman! And then, funny enough, I saw a photo on People's website that she and her hubby were in fact out there walking their little dog...but she was wearing a completely different outfit than the doppelganger I saw.

I walked down to the start of Battery Park and then turned around after I took this rather artsy shot...I don't think the photo really shows the perspective of the buildings between the buildings, but it was a neat view.
Then I met Kurt back at the apartment. We both bought sushi, threw fruit and veggies into our bags, and walked back over to the park with a blanket to enjoy the sunset -- and the shirtless joggers.
What more could you ask for on a Tuesday night?!

How about a little Glee? We watched the new episode when we got home. Smiles all around.

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