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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

School Day Pictures

Continuing my "school theme," this morning I walked over to 30 Rock to get my building ID made. (Note to Quincy friends: Where is Miss Debbie to do your hair in French braids when you need her?!)

Again, I must say I cannot believe I get to work at such an iconic New York City location! The bank has a flagship building at Bryant Park, so people act as if working in 50 Rock is sort of a consolation prize, but I  think it's a grand prize. I'm sure the novelty will wear thin at Christmas when tourists are lined up for Radio City and other attractions, but it seems like such fun right now.

For lunch, I made myself eat the rest of my $16 salad from yesterday (I decided I needed to spread that budget-buster over two days.) But since it was cool and rainy, I let myself get a cup of split pea soup too. I did a little midday stroll through the concourse and enjoyed seeing all the lunchtime diversions my new environment holds, including Anthropologie, Banana Republic, Crabtree and Evelyn, Pret a Manger (possibly my favorite chain), Ben and Jerry's, Hale and Hearty Soups, some fancy restaurants overlooking the skating rink, a shoe repair shop, a waxing salon, AT&T wireless, and an old-school barber shop. I love it!

On the way home, I figured out how to walk through the mall to the subway, and I found a grocery store on Sixth Avenue that should come in quite handy. I've promised Kurt a homecooked "thank you for picking me" dinner on Thursday night (his choice: salmon or pork chops), so stay tuned for my first cooking assignment in my new kitchen.

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