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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mid-Week Field Trip

It was crisp and sunny this morning when I headed out. I keep forgetting to post a picture of my street, so here's one Neil took when he and Nate checked out the apartment for me.
Super cute, right?

Anyway, I rode the same Sixth Avenue train to midtown but this time got off one stop earlier at Bryant Park to attend an all-day meeting. The upside was free lunch! It was a special event for some advisory partners, so there was quite a spread: served roasted cod in tomato and fennel sauce, lemon chicken, orzo with vegetables, roasted vegetables, salad with feta, olives and dessert. Yummers.

When I got home, it was a bit chilly and drizzly, but I put my computer bag down and then went out to shop for tomorrow night's dinner. I promised Kurt a special "thank you for choosing me" meal. We're having pork chops in a mushroom whiskey sauce. I'd been to a pretty basic grocery store on Sixth Avenue last night, but Kurt told me there is a D'Agostino a few blocks down on Greenwich Street. It was great. (This would be like comparing Winn Dixie or Food Lion with Fresh Market in my past lives--quite a contrast.) I love every little venture I make in this neighborhood.


Neil J. Young said...

where is the d'ag on 8th? i can't picture it...

Lyns said...

oops, it was on greenwich street, neil! i fixed it. i love that you know my neighborhood better than i do. ;-)

Neil J. Young said...

oh ok, that makes sense. i was thinking i was crazy that i couldn't picture one on 8th.