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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Special Guests

Dear Mom, 

Aunt Sandy and her friend Kathie were here for the weekend before they set sail for Bermuda. She treated us to Kinky Boots and dinner at Oceana on Friday night. 
I'd seen the show with Barbara last September, but we were in the cheap seats, so it was even better being able to watch from the orchestra seats Aunt Sandy got us. 

On Saturday, I took a long walk and caught up on some phone calls. Sunday morning, Sandy and Kathie came over for breakfast. I got berries and yogurt and juice, and I went to Amy's Bread to get us a sampling of pastries. 
They loved seeing my place and gave it their stamp of approval. They both admired your Dean Gioia painting. We headed up to the roof to enjoy the view.

After that, we hopped in a cab and did a quick High Line tour, then I accompanied them to the Marriott to help get their bags in a taxi headed toward the port. I'd like to note my ability to pack lightly is apparently from the Snipes side of the family?!
It was a great visit. Kathie asked if we could "house swap" sometime, as she has a big beach house in St. George Island. I said absolutely! Let's line it up. I'm going to keep her posted about dates when I'll be traveling.

At 2 o'clock, I went to a cycling fundraiser for Behind the Book. My friend Julia is on their board, and a new cycling studio offered to let them fill up a class and keep the proceeds. I invited Jason, as he's such a good sport about new experiences. It was quite challenging but lots of fun, and they had beer and a little social hour afterwards. (Jason needs to go to more of those classes...he chatted up two cute gals.)
Anyway, it was a busy week, as Thursday night some church friends were in town from Charlotte to visit the Methodist outreach offices. I met them for dinner -- they introduced me to a new spot, which was awesome! -- and invited everybody up on my roof to check out the view. 
Photo: Saudades ❤️
That's Julia, Marion and Anita Way's granddaughter. I also got to see Ellen Spence and her dad, Bob, who is clearly slacking off on his "pimp" duties for the Smith girls.

Julia posted the pic on Facebook for our Brazilian friends with the same word I always say to you:



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