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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Milwaukee Weekend

Dear Mom, 

Hilary, Scotty and I flew to Milwaukee over the weekend to check out Meghan and Drew's new digs. Here we are having coffee at Colectivo near Lake Michigan. 

Scotty and I flew in on Friday, and Hilary got there Saturday morning. I think it was the first time all four of us had been together since Meghan and Drew's wedding in 2011. Caroline was born in late 2012, and they had Elizabeth late last year. Irish twins, just like Leigh Ann and me! (I do enjoy telling people you always said my arrival proved to your friend group that "you can't get pregnant while you're nursing" was an old wives' tale...)

Anyway, with two little ones, it was time to move from Chicago to Milwaukee, where Drew got the perfect job, and they are now just minutes away from his parents. They found a fantastic new house in the suburbs north of the city.  
On Saturday, we had lunch on the water and walked around downtown Milwaukee. Then we hung out at the house for a while with Drew and the girls.

Drew did a great job on daddy duty while we played and caught up. We went out for a fantastic dinner at a sort of old-school "supper club" near their house.
We ended up with Milwaukee's most delightful waiter, who treated us to free desserts. I jumped up and hugged him when he surprised us with the bananas foster we'd been eyeing. We could have licked the plate. 
Scotty had to leave at noon on Sunday, so we dropped her off at the airport and treated ourselves to a chick flick, The Other Woman with Cameron Diaz and crew. It was pretty much the implausible no-brainer we expected, but it still had a few good moments, and we enjoyed Cameron's wardrobe immensely.

The whole conceit of the movie -- a wife and two mistresses teaming up to take down a lying, cheating dirtbag -- was pretty implausible, but even less likely was the gorgeous Southampton beachfront home owned by Taylor Kinney's character, a contractor.

Oh, well, what's a movie if not a little escape from reality?!

I also enjoyed two rounds of Wisconsin cheese curds, which didn't seem too different from fried mozzarella sticks, but they were delightfully bite-sized. Did not get to sample any bratwurst or check out any of Umpi's old haunts. Hopefully I can make the next visit a longer one and catch up with the Coffels who are still up that way.



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