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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Meals, Memories and Miz

Dear Mom,

Hello from the Hamptons! Blaine and I rode the train out this morning. 
He flew in yesterday and entertained himself in the city a bit while I finished up at work. It was my last day until July 7. I ended up shortening my planned three-month leave to take a promotion. I should be working in Tribeca for my boss's boss when I get back, but they are still working out the HR details. 

Anyway, Miss Patsy was here this week to celebrate Julia's graduation from the New School with her master's in nonprofit management. 
The big ceremony was at Madison Square Garden, and Lady Gaga was there to see her little sister graduate from Parsons. 
We had a great dinner in the Bar Room at The Modern at MoMA when she got here on Wednesday night. 

Pea Salad

burrata and mint.

Asparagus and Gnocchi

nettles, spring onion, and bacon. Marinated Tuna

fennel, cucumber, and aïoli.

Roasted Carrots

mustard seeds and sheep’s milk yogurt.

Pork Loin & Belly Confit

apricots and onions. 

Grilled Scallops

broccoli and sauce romesco. Guanaja Palet

Lemon Verbena Ice Cream (Guanaja is one of Valrhona's premium dark chocolates.)

They were really late getting our table ready, so the manager bought us a round of drinks. Naturally I sized up the list to get the most bang for our buck! We got two glasses of this, which goes for $36 a pop. 


Courcel, Les Croix Noires 1er Cru, Pommard, Burgundy, France 2007 

Mr. Mark couldn't come for graduation because he's had severe back pain, so Adam got his Friday night ticket to Les Miz. Blaine I decided it would be better to miss the traffic and head east this morning instead of last night. So, we joined them as Les Miz. Miss Patsy treated all of us to dinner before the show. As usual, Blaine had some hilarious tales to tell. (We still love remembering how Julia said "Baine" and "Ashee" when we babysat her at the beach the weekend after I turned 16.) 

The show was fantastic. I'd never seen it, and can still remember almost every word of the score from listening to the cassette tape over and over in middle school.

We  got soaked on the way home, but Blaine was more worried about keeping his bag of Fresh treats dry than keeping himself dry! Sweet Adam had carefully selected goodies for all of us. 

Blaine and I amused ourselves before dinner at my apartment flipping through Reflections '94. (We also created a new grapefruit juice cocktail named The Smitty.)
I'd gone into the archives on Thursday to put this 1993 prom gem on Facebook. Cookie was so excited...she thought I'd finally gotten a boyfriend! She called me immediately to get the scoop. (She misses you a lot.) 
Today we went to Soul Cycle (Kelly Rippa was in the class and chatted with Nate and Judy afterwards, but I missed her) and had lobster rolls in Sag Harbor. And Buddy got his hair cut! 

We got cookies at Levain Bakery and took naps. Now we are watching Orange is the New Black to kill time before our 9:45 p.m. dinner reservation. 

Oh...look what Neil spotted in the New York Times this week! I sent it to Miss Patsy thinking she'd get almost as much of a kick out of it as you would have. Do you think this is the first time the Q has been in the wedding section?! 


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