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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Super Weekend

Dear Mom, 

You always enjoyed a good weekend recap, so here goes: 
The "main event" was Saturday, when my friend Laura got our whole gang into the pre-Super Bowl tailgate party at a big bar on the Lower East Side. We had a blast! Laura works for a new company called Wheels Up; they are a private aviation company started by the founder of Marquis Jets. 

Laura's former boss Billy Bush (the TV host) is associated with the company; he and a dozen pro athletes were the celebrity hosts of the event. I should have done my homework...I wouldn't have known them if I bumped into them! 

You can't see Julia in the group shot, but here's a cute pic of her... 
And here's Julia with Marianne and Kathleen. I need to post your "cheat sheet" of who's who in the gang. 
In preparation for the big event on Saturday, I chilled out on Friday. My boss had given me a hard-earned day off after a looooong but successful week. My friend Allison came over, and I made this winter minestrone, which Leigh Ann said Rebecca made for her. It was absolutely delicious! Allison brought some wine, cheese and olives from Eataly. We had a great time visiting. She lost her dad two years ago, so she is a very empathetic pal. 

I took some of the soup to work on Monday and gave it to Serg as a thank you for bringing me pajama bottoms last week when I forgot mine. I told him he was the only man whose pants I'd gotten into in quite a while. ;) 
winter minestrone-7639-2
I also did a few more projects around the studio this weekend. I unpacked your painting, which Juliane had shipped me. They did a fantastic wrapping job! I love looking at it when I am on my sofa. 

My bed upgrade is finally complete, although I'm not completely satisfied with the headboard. It was only $250 on Amazon...and, once again, ya get what ya pay for. But it's fine, and I'm very happy I upgraded to a queen. 
Installing the headboard was a bit trickier than I anticipated, as I needed an extra set of hands to manage multiple tools at once. (Where's the man of the house when you need help with your nuts and screws?!) I tried to get Cyrus to come down, but I ended up powering through on my own. 
I'm not sure what to do with my linens, as I used to put the quilted spread on the bed, but it seems kinda matchy-matchy with the headboard. However, I think I'm gonna have to do it again, as I'm not a fan of the stripes. 

On Sunday, after I'd finished my bed project (it's amazing what you can accomplish when you get up at 5:45!) I met my friend Christine for brunch at The Smith in the East Village. We splurged on a dozen oysters, which were fantastic! 
Then we both got the special sandwich...pork belly with fried green tomatoes. Divine! 
I was so stuffed, I didn't eat again for the rest of the day. I took in a 5 o'clock showing of August: Osage County, which I think will have to be the subject of its very own post. 

Monday it snowed again, and we're getting more tonight/tomorrow. And supposedly another blizzard on Sunday! Good thing I got myself some new winter footwear...though I am starting to think I should have gone with the full-own Eskimo boots like Kathleen's. 

Aunt Debbie said I should ask Joe Namath to loan me his fur coat. HA! 



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