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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Bestie Baby

Dear Mom,

I decided to use the holiday weekend to pop down to D.C. and meet little Molly. She will have her first birthday around Easter, so I've been a bad auntie, but it was tough to get down there while you were sick.

I left on Saturday morning on an early train out of Penn Station. Molly was just waking up from her morning nap when I arrived, and we had brunch in Old Town Alexandria at a cool converted fire house. Molly charmed the waitress with her smiles and sweet behavior. 

Jeff spent the afternoon making lasagna while Hilary and I caught up in Molly's play area.

Molly shares many of her mother's interests. She enjoys books...
Exploring new places...

I cheated and pulled those action shots off of Hilary's feed, but I did get to see her rocking the adorable cupcake pajamas seen here! 
Scotty came over for dinner, and we gobbled up Jeff's lasagna as she caught us up on what's new in her life. 

Today we just hung out, walked and visited. And ate, of course. It was a quick trip, as Hil dropped me back off at Union Station  for my 6:15 train. 

Being around my mom friends always makes me amazed at what a tough job they have and how well they are juggling it all...especially since Meghan's two girls are just 15 months apart, like Leigh Ann and I were. I don't know how you did it! 

It was fun to come in and out of Union Station, which always makes me think of you and your D.C. trips. 
I'm on the train again now wondering what year it was that you stopped taking the train back. Wish I could just ask you, but maybe your deputy tour director Juliane will remember.



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