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Sunday, May 12, 2013

If You Build It...

Sometimes, my life really does seem straight out of Sex and the City...

And then there are the Saturday nights spent assembling furniture.
Ugh, THIS is why I loved living with Kurt for so long! I hate the time it takes to decorate a place, to find the right thing for every little nook and cranny...the process of realizing some of your old stuff just doesn't fit, what to keep, what to chunk, blech. And I have a studio, for heaven's sake! Nevertheless, I want it to look "just so"...and I needed a lingerie chest for pure functionality.

After several weeks of online perusing, I decided to order this Hemnes chest from Ikea. It was only $150, plus $50 for shipping.
It arrived today, which was perfect, as I'd devoted the weekend to finalizing my decor anyway. Unfortch, as soon as I started to read the instructions, I saw this:

I could only assume it meant, "Hey, dumbass, don't try to put this together by yourself."

So, I laid out the pieces and texted good ol' Adam to see what he was up to.
He had dinner plans but offered to drop by on his way. Such a sweetheart! By the time he got here, I was well underway, and he put in a good 45 minutes to help me get it upright by the time he left.

As evidence of how hard he was working, he even got a little workman's butt going on... (He told me to take a picture of it because he could feel the breeze!)
He left for dinner at about 8:30, and by around 10, I was done! It was nowhere near as frustrating as I'd worried it might be. I am fascinated by some of the ingenious hardware they use and wonder how much of it is unique/proprietary. I wish Uncle Howard had been here, as I think he would approve of the fact Ikea even seemed to use real wood! The overall quality is actually much better than I anticipated.

Here's a look at the finished product. I like it so much, I'm not sure I will be able to keep it tucked away in the closet, which was my original intent.

Woot! Woot! When I started the project around 7 p.m., I posted this on Facebook: Ikea dresser assembly: to be filed under "wow, I'm really proud of myself" or "gee, that was a stupid idea"?

I got some very funny comments, but I'm tickled to say the answer was definitely the former! Big shout-out to Adam for helping me out and to my cute neighbor Cyrus for bringing down a beer in the home stretch.  

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Neil said...

the New Yorker had a fantastic piece about Ikea a year or so ago. you should read!