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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cleaning Lady

My mom was tickled when she saw the teeny vacuum I found for my teeny apartment...

It's basically a dust buster on a stick! I love it! I didn't want to have to find the space to store a real vacuum. This one comes apart and fits in my ample kitchen cabinet space. #winner.

Anyway, after six weeks (yikes! really?!) of living in my apartment, I decided it was time for a good cleaning this weekend. So, I hooked up ye olde new vacuum, but I was kinda shocked when I went to empty the filter...
"Really?" I thought. "Hmm. That's weird. I would have thought there would be SOMETHING in that cup! I mean, I did the whole apartment."

Then I took it out...

Imagine the filthiest dryer vent cleanout you've ever encountered. THERE WAS A SOLID INCH OF GUNK ON THERE!!!!
I was so grossed out, I immediately ordered two replacement filters. It says the filter needs to be changed every six months, but I'm thinking that may not work for a long-haired gal who is admittedly not such a standout in the cleaning department! 

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