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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life with K

I must share with you how creative my adorable roommate is! Check out this clever Sunday night "picnic" he hosted recently to celebrate the birthdays of his friends Claire and Allison. This was the first course. He followed it up with cheese fondue, with miniature cupcakes for dessert.
That same weekend, he turned our bread scraps into a tasty breakfast casserole. Technically, this was my idea, but he actually made it happen -- and used some of the leftover fondue. Ingenious!
We have had fun watching Homeland together and continued our CIA-ddiction with a trip to Zero Dark Thirty, where I purchased an appallingly large popcorn and Coca-Cola (and M&Ms, natch!).
Phantom of the Opera recently held a gala at the New York Public Library to toast the show's 25th anniversary on Broadway. Kurt managed to get me and Tim inside to enjoy the festivities. Such a treat!

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