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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Five Fun Things

I got a little behind on my blogging but this yummy dinner from Kurt tonight inspired me to catch up. So, that would be #1 on my list -- braised spare ribs (see recipe) with apples and cabbage and peas with buttered almonds.

#2 Spending last Thursday and Friday nights catching up with the delightful Adam Dyer. Adam is one of my favorite hometown friends that I've really connected with through Facebook. I got to see him when he was in the city, and I absolutely loved our visit!
Plus, his friends Keith and Brian made us a reservation at Fedora, which is just down the street from me and quite a hot spot. Adam and I both had the pork chop...I also had some gnocchi with chicken meatballs. (I'm trying to remember exactly what Adam ordered for his was some kind of goat meat. Tasty!) I would have easily swapped my plates for Keith's scallops and bacon over polenta. My dessert was a cocktail called the Honey Badger. I'm not usually a fan of "brown liquor," but this might be enough to convert me.
#3 Friday Fun -- one of my colleagues had the Today Show on last Friday. I walked over to ask if she would mind turning down the volume, and it turned out she was waiting for the Coldplay concert down on the plaza. When the music started, we could hear it, so we went into one of the offices overlooking the plaza to take a look...then headed down. So fun! I had a ton of work to do that day and was really stressed, but I am glad I took 15 minutes for an unforgetable experience.
#4 Tuesday Tapas with Christine at Tia Pol on 10th Ave in Chelsea (thanks to Kurt for the rec). Delicious food and excellent company. We just had pretty basic tapas, so nothing really photo-worthy. I am kind of sorry I didn't write down the ingredients of the special "pear salad" we had -- given that pear salad was the topic of a recent Facebook string with some hometown friends -- suffice to say this version lacked both mayonnaise and cheddar cheese but was nonetheless delicious.
#5 My darling roommate who made me laugh hard several times this week, once when he came out of the kitchen with this creation for dinner: ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the German burrito.
It was a true Popcorn and M&Ms creation -- an unexpected combination that Kurt swore was surprisingly delicious!

Kurt also cracked me up with his response to the meatball sub I brought home from Subway last night. A $4.50 bargain, it was topped with onions, bell pepper and banana peppers.

"Well, now!" Kurt exclaimed as I unwrapped it. "You didn't tell me it was date night!"

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