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Friday, May 6, 2011

Made-Up Mac and Cheese

Sunday night, I ventured to the Upper East Side to celebrate my one-month anniversary with Neil and Nate. A good Southern boy who loves pimento cheese, Neil had been intrigued by the pimento mac and cheese I made a few months back.

So, I thought this was a good chance to recreate it. (Check the March archives if you missed it.) Nate made us a divine salad with fruit, feta and caramelized pecans. I could have eaten just that! But we all chowed down and had seconds of the pasta.

I let the boys have the leftovers but brought home the remaining pasta. The next night, craving more creamy carb-rich comfort, I made myself a second batch using the leftover cheeses. This is the kind of cooking I want to do more of -- no recipes, just the basics. I melted butter, stirred in some flour and milk to make a white sauce, let it thicken a bit, then added Parmesan, cheddar and mozzarella. I tossed in the cooked pasta, threw in some fresh spinach, and added some salt and -- feeling kinda crazy -- red pepper.

It hit the spot! Kurt was happy to sample some when he got home.


Jaime Lee Puskar said...

PLEASE MORE TO DALLAS. And move in with me. xo

Jaime Lee Puskar said...

*MOVE ... :)

sherry said...

I love to create recipes that are never to be repeated because I just keep combining what is at hand until it looks like food...then give it a name. Nate refers this odd behavior as my "iron chef" mode...not sure if that is iron chef level of skill/creativity or that you need an iron stomach to survive my cuisine. My compliments to the chef in you.