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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Green and Grilled

Two things I miss about Charlotte -- grilling out and seeing green everywhere. Last week, I got my fix of both. 
I made a short trip to the Queen City for work, which was awesome because I got to collect my spring clothes. Even better, I got to spend two nights in "my room" at Leigh Ann's house. She grilled pork chops on Wednesday night and let me invite my friends Amy and Anne over for dinner.
We got to sit outside on Leigh Ann's fabulous deck. Anne brought a healthy, tasty mixed-grain salad with veggies, and I amused myself making a "green salad." Everything fit the color scheme: lettuce, kiwi, avocado, Granny Smith apple, and grapes, and fresh mint from Leigh Ann's garden. (This was a riff on a salad in the Fresh Every Day cookbook from Sarah Foster.)
There was plenty of cheap wine and cheesecake, both from Trader Joe's. I will confess, it was a little hard to leave!


Dee Stephens said...

That salad sounds fabulous! Grilling and chilling on the deck is my favorite!

Sherry said...

Going to steal the "green salad" idea...I think I have most items on hand.