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Friday, November 18, 2011

Lunch at Becco

What could be better than a plate full of pasta on a Sunday? 
Sharing it with one of your best friends!
Following our delicious dinner at Fig & Olive on Friday night, I met Virginia and her mom for MoMA on Sunday...then we headed to Becco, Lidia Bastianich's restaurant in the West 40s. 

They do a "sinfonia di pasta" tasting where you get unlimited servings of three pastas, plus a salad or antipasto, for $19. Sign us up! 

Since there were three of us, the waiter offered to bring us both a sampling of antipasto and a Caesar salad. I think this first one is some kind of smoked fish, and the second one is octopus. Both delicious! 

The three pasta were penne with tomato sauce and fresh basil, farfalle with three cheeses and crunchy panko topping, and fetuccine with porcini mushrooms and ham. We all thought the third one had the highest potential but was the biggest disappointment. But big thumbs up for the first two!
 I was having a mad craving for more of the farfalle later in the day. For dessert, we split a ricotta cheesecake and a fruit zabaglione (sp?).

 Virginia promised me she won't wait until November for her next visit! 

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