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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Full Week!

Hi, peeps! Well, I've been a little off the blogger beat for a few days because I've had a big week!

Monday: made it to the gym for spinning after work, then home to watch Dancing With the Stars with Kurt. My only free night this week.

Tuesday: 7:30 a.m. dentist appointment for a rather painful cleaning. Yowza -- she used some kind of pointed torture tool. Met a new friend for drinks at DeSantos in the West Village. Sooper yummers duck ravioli, grilled calamari, tuna tartare and swordfish with panko. Washed down with what might be my new favorite cocktail, a dark and stormy.

Wednesday: Met Neil for a Moth Story SLAM, which is basically an open mic storytelling event. I'd been wanting to go for ages...they have them a couple of times a month here in NYC (and across the country). They are VERY popular -- people line up hours in advance to get in for $7, so I paid $16 for advance tickets. Totally worth it! We heard some great stories...and some not-so-great ones. Participants are judged on the overall quality/entertainment value of their story, plus whether they stay within the five-minute limit and whether they fit the night's theme, which was Style. I am working up my nerve to take part in a future event!

Thursday: Meeting Travis for the Radio City Christmas Spectacular! Cheesy, but I feel like it's a must-do once, don't you think? Am hoping we can meet for early bite to eat and try out the pimento cheese balls downstairs at DelFrisco's.

Friday: Kurt got us some free tickets to hear Patti Lupone and Mandy Patankin in concert. Woot woot! (BTW, he saw "Chinglish" last night and was not impressed.)

On Sunday, I am off to my hometown of Quincy, Florida, for about 10 days of Thanksgiving fun with family and friends. I'm excited!

Since I am feeling chatty, let me just sign off with a shout-out of appreciation to those who comment on my blog, either here or on Facebook. Even though I enjoy blogging, I do sometimes feel a bit self-conscious about my blathering on, so it's really nice when y'all let me know you enjoy these ramblings! xxoo


MCW said...

I always read! And you are making me feel like a NYC loser. You are really soaking up all of the culture! All I seem to do is eat and drink!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lynsley ~ Densyl's sister Suzie here. Am completely enjoying your blogs. You are truly taking in NYC as it should be done! Love hearing about your adventures - the biking, the Hamptons - the food - oh, the food.....the pix and your descriptions. SOoooo good! Enjoy your holidays. I'll also be in the big Q for Thanksgiving - and Lake Talquin and Greensboro too! :)

Mandy said...

You should totally do the story-telling! I think you'd be great at it, it'd be a wonderful story in and of itself, and it'd make for a great blog entry!

Dee Stephens said...

I have never had a dark and stormy but I need to put it on my December list!

Anonymous said...

Yo Snipes,

Of course I read your blog. I'm an engineer so I may only peruse some of them but I definitely look at the pictures.

When you do the Def Poetry Jam or whatever it is, you must go by your given name of Snipes Smith. It sounds more urban than Lynsley. Might get your more street cred.

Since I never remember to send an email, I'll go ahead and mention that me and my lady are expecting twins in April. What do you think of that?

Much Love,
G Dub