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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Out and About

I stayed a bit late at work on Tuesday night. It was so pleasant when I finally left the office that I decided I'd walk home, since I was wearing my comfy ballet flats. (I usually wear either my flats or my flip-flops on the subway and keep a few pairs of heels under my desk. Some of my colleagues have a virtual shoe store at the office, and one girl has so little storage space at her studio in Soho that she keeps her winter boots in a filing cabinet!)

Anyway, I walked from 51st Street to 30th, which is the start of the High Line. I stopped for dinner at The Lot on Tap, which is the place Mom and I ate tacos with Kurt in early June. When we were there, it had just opened, so it wasn't very crowded. This time, there were five trucks offering Korean barbecue, flatbread pizza, grilled cheese (called Gorilla Cheese -- Mom would have picked that one for sure), ice cream sandwiches, etc.

I lined up at Korilla BBQ and ordered a "Ribeye of the Tiger" burrito. (Photo credit: Yelp.) It had veggies, a smoky mayo sauce, summer kimchi -- it was delicious! For dessert, I got an ice cream sandwich from Coolhaus. Not my fave...none of the flavor combinations were really calling my name, so I ended up with a s'more cookie and coffee/Oreo ice cream. Too many flavors. I scraped out the ice cream and tossed my cookies (how often do you get to use that phrase?). They were good, just not worth the calories. The truck supposedly has some famous foodie fans (Jeffrey Steingarten), so I hope to see them again for a chance at redemption.

Then I strolled home and enjoyed the city lights.

I made a quick pass by the Christian Louboutin window on Washington Street...I love walking by at night when they're closed so I can stare to my heart's content.

Another diversion of late has been the farmers market outside on Rockefeller Plaza. Last week before the boys and I left for the Hamptons, I popped down and bought some peaches, yogurt and granola. Having that on hand has made breakfast at my desk most delightful this week.
I also bought three $2 whoopie pies for us to enjoy in the car. The man selling them got a big kick out of the fact I was trying to get a deal on food to take to the Hamptons. ("Do you know how long it takes my wife to make these pies?! You want three for $5? 'Cause you want a snack for your friends as you're driving out to the Hamptons? Fuhgettaboutit!") He even made me give him a hug but still wouldn't give me a discount.

Next time I think I'll say I'm headed to the Jersey Shore!


Dee Stephens said...

HAHA! That's funny about your wheeling and dealing.
Pretty shoes but I could never get myself to spend that much $$ on a pair!

Shelly Hoffman said...

Love the purple, sparkly shoes & that burrito sounds de-lish!