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Monday, August 2, 2010

Pizza...or something like it

I was so inspired by the fig, arugula, blue cheese and proscuitto pizza I had at Vivace recently, I wanted to imitate it. Not one of my better creations, but this is the nice thing about being single -- no one is around to complain or raise eyebrows when you serve up some random concotion for a weeknight supper.

When in Lebanon, I went a little nutty in the Cedar Reserve and bought a number of preserved fruits and jellies. One was a fig jam with sesame seeds. I spread that on some of the frozen Lebanese bread I bought at Cedarland grocery last week (when my cool friend Whitney made the tastiest lamb meatballs in a tahini sauce over basmati rice -- my contribution was yogurt (lebaneh) and a bottle of Lebanese wine).

This was the pizza before it went in the is really amazing how fabulous arugula is on pizza, and you can put it on either before or after you bake it, whatever floats your boat.

(No proscuitto on hand. Sadness.)

It was OK, and I ate it, but if I made it again, I would cook it at a lower temperature -- 400 made the pita too crispy. (Yes, I should have known this would be the case with thin bread that was already cooked. Whatever.) Another key ingredient missing from Vivace -- in addition to the proscuitto -- was the limoncello mojito I had at the restaurant. Perhaps THAT was why I enjoyed my pizza so much!

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