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Thursday, July 1, 2010


Yesterday we got a mid-day surprise. The chairman of the board of directors arrived to have lunch with us and invited us to the area in front of the bakery for a photo. Turned out it wasn't a photo op at all; it was a surprise presentation of a plaque naming a building after our church.

Since the first team came in 2006, our work here has primarily been to renovate space for new programs including vocational classes and remedial tutoring. The church has given generously over the years to pay for each year's work, and each mission team has moved it a step further -- though I'm not sure anyone has yet topped the sweat equity of the original 35-person youth team. Because of the space we've helped to renovate, ICP now offers remedial tutoring and vocational programs. Over the years, we've made various improvements including adding bathrooms to preschool classes and a new entrance for the computer lab.

Marion unveiled a plaque (well, a mock-up at least; the real one is on its way) to designate the building as the the "Predio Myers Park." They had gathered a few classes of kids around the area outside of the vocational bakery (another addition since we first came), and the kids applauded and cheered for us. I told them in Portuguese to remember that there were people far away in the U.S. who love them and want them to succeed, and that the people they should really thank are not us but their teachers and helpers who are here every day. We will get a copy of  the plaque to mount at our church. I can't wait to see where we put it!

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