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Monday, April 23, 2012

Celebrating Chris and Gwen

Greetings from the spring wedding circuit! Last weekend I flew to Charlotte to celebrate the union of my friend Chris and his lovely bride Gwen.

I was most honored to make the cut for the rehearsal dinner. It was held at Bonterra, one of my favorite restaurants in Charlotte. In addition to serving fabulous food, Bonterra has a cool atmosphere, as it's located inside an old church. Chris' mom named each table after a city that had meant something to the couple, so my date Ty and I got to sit at the New York City table and catch up with our dear friend Max and his wife Jen.

Chris and I became close when we co-led our church singles group. He is smart, loyal, trustworthy and faithful. I consider him the closest thing I've ever had to a business partner! We spent a ton of time and energy together getting the singles ministry back on track, and I love him like a brother.

Brief flashback to Halloween 2005 or so...don't say those church groups don't know how to have fun! Chris was also bold enough to sign up for the very first adult mission trip to Rio. On the trip, he met Peter, who was a groomsman in the wedding.

So, given what a special place Myers Park UMC had been in my relationship with Chris, I got a little teary-eyed seeing him standing in the front of the sanctuary and watching beautiful Gwen come down that aisle. Pure joy!

I cannot resist adding a side note here that Chris and Gwen are proof that when you find the right person, things just click. There's no drama, no games, no "what did this text mean?" It gives this single gal hope!

Another friend of mine whose relationship also fit the drama-free description is Jon, seen here with his darling wife Tracy, who informed me at the wedding she is a loyal Popcorn and M&Ms! Yay! When another friend from our church group got married several years ago, I remember hearing Jon talk about Tracy for the first time at the wedding. He was so excited about her! I knew he would be a fantastic husband and father.

Next on the favorite couple list: Hayes and Shera, who were greeters at the reception and will be married in August.
Hayes rocks my socks. He is Leigh Ann's very favorite dance partner. (Though he says both of us need to learn how to follow, not lead. Imagine that!!) We knew it would take a special guy to get Shera to say yes, and it's awesome to know there are men who aren't afraid of strong, sassy women. Here's hoping Hayes has a clone somewhere for both me and my sis!

Chris and Gwen are in Maui for their honeymoon. He posted this pic on Facebook. Wishing them a lifetime of happiness together!


Anonymous said...

Very nice, but enough about your lovely friends...who is Ty? ;) Aunt Jean

Maggie Crowell Langdon said...

Great post. Love hearing how MPUMC people are doing.

Dee Stephens said...

Great post and looks like a lovely wedding!
I'm guessing their reception was at the new Mint?