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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Brunch at The Smith

A friend from D.C. visited NYC recently and said I *must* add The Smith in the East Village to my eating itinerary. Kurt and I met Adam there for brunch on Saturday. (I actually made it an early friend Frank was in town from Charlotte, so we met for coffee and muffins. Then I gave him a little West Village tour, and we walked all the way over to Avenue A together.)

There are a million great brunch places in the city, so I'm not sure it's really necessary to make a reservation and/or wait in line at The Smith. The place was packed!

Kurt had poached eggs over chicken sausage and cornbread with spicy gravy and potato hash. For those of you who like to cook, this would be a fun dish to recreate.

Adam and I both went for the potato waffle benedict with spinach and caramelized onion. was good, but it would have been better if we'd split one order and gotten something else. Caramelized onions were not to be found, but maybe they were pureed with the spinach??
Nevertheless, always fun to have brunch and try a new place/neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

Those pictures look professional. Were they taken with an iPhone?

- Not a Droid user

Neil said...

one of Nate's frat brothers is the manager of The Smith. he always sends us over an order of free donut holes when we eat there. they are delish!