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Friday, July 29, 2011

Mid-Week Treats

A few diversions from this week...

I have discovered the yummiest food truck on my way into work. This could be dangerous! I need to make note of the name next time I stop, but it's usually on 50th Street just before I cross over 6th Avenue at Radio City Music Hall. I stopped and treated myself to an iced coffee and a carrot cake muffin on Tuesday morning.
When I got to my desk and opened the bag, I realized it was WARM! Heaven!! I realize it is pretty dorky to take a photo of a muffin at your desk, but this was such a happy food moment, I wanted to preserve it.

That evening after work, I headed to the Union Square area to look for a book at the Strand on Broadway.   En route, I was stopped by a witty, high-energy salesman pedaling a package of salon services worth (supposedly) $400. It was a deal I'd seen on Groupon earlier in the week for $70, and I told him I wasn't interested. He wouldn't take no for an answer and asked what I'd be willing to pay. He took my offer of $35. Even if I just use the haircut, I figured it was worth the gamble. He threw in two "free" tickets to a comedy show (2 drink minimum). I'm curious to see what happens when I call the salon to schedule my appointment, but I found the whole thing amusing. When I polled my friends about hairdressers, $125 seemed to be the going rate, and I simply refuse to pay that much.

Next I stopped in at a fast food joint (Pita Joe's, I think?) advertising a $4.99 falafel pita and drink special. What a deal! It was delicious too.

My final stop was a gelato place called Amorino. When it opened in May, my friend Julia in Dallas read about it online and told me I had to go. She insisted it was the best gelato she had in Italy. Their trademark is that they make a sort of flower petal-shaped cone that lets you taste as many flavors as you'd like. I stuck to three: salted caramel, Nutella and pistachio. Nutella was definitely my fave. I found it humorous that my dessert cost approximately the same thing as my dinner.
The cute girl who waited on me let me take her picture with my cone.
After that, I strolled home along 10th street and realized I'd never walked that way before, so I took a photo to capture the moment.
Back at the ranch, Kurt was watching TV. I peeked out the kitchen window and noticed that our neighbor was using his rooftop shower. I thought you'd all find this amusing (nothing visible from the waist down), so I tried to snap a photo. Unfortunately, I forgot to turn off the flash, so the next thing I knew, he was out of the shower with his towel around his waist, peering toward at our window. Oops! Busted! I hid in the kitchen and giggled like I was a middle school girl who'd just gotten caught making prank calls.


Dee Stephens said...

Rooftop Shower? Who knew? Brad would be all over that.
HAHA! I would have loved to see that picture.
You are too cute taking a picture of that girl and the ice cream cone.

Neil said...

i NEED to try the nutella gelato.