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Friday, October 5, 2007

Introducing Hunky David

Oops, I should have posted this earlier, as I am now in a rush, but I just wanted to tell you we have a new character for the blog! His name is David, but when he found out he would be appearing on the blog, he requested that he be called 'Hunky David.'

Our mutual friend Kelly and their teammate Jenny have hooked us up to go to this club tonight which is apparently super chi chi and hard to get into. There is an event for (I think) the Swedish Junior Chamber, and this is how we are getting in free. I didn't ask too many questions and just took it as a fun opportunity.

Anyway, last night HD and I met for a drink, and we agreed we will make fun wing-persons for each other this evening.

After our drink, he went out to meet his 'mates,' and I decided to head over to Ubon (that's Nobu spelled backwards...not sure what the difference is, as the menu seemed the same as Nobu, and they're owned by the same people). I sat at the sushi bar and had some yellowtail tuna with jalapeno, followed by the black cod with miso. The latter is probably Nobu's most famous dish, and it is DIVINE. It was so good when I put the first bite into my mouth, I almost cried. Seriously. I also had a scrumptious strawberry balsamic caipirinha, which I am now determined to replicate on my own.

I will try to come up with some good stories on this my LAST weekend in London...

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